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I'm Lou, male, and yes, i like boys kissing other boys, and boys' hugging other boys, I'm a cuddler and a spooner actually, do A LOT of PDA, and blah blah, something normal about me? i also like girls xD, born in April 19th, 1993, Argentina! I love music, almost every genre xD. People say I'm a talkative person, but I'm a little bit shy actually, but i do talk if you talk xD


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I said the man for me must have a castle,
A means he’d be, a man of fame.
And then I met a man who hadn’t any,
Without a penny to his name.
I had to go and fall for so much less than
What I had planned from all the magazines.
I should be good and sore,
What am I happy for?
I guess the man means then the means.

So many people in the world,
And what can they do?
They’ll never know like,
Like my love for you.
So many people laugh at what they don’t know.
Well, that’s their concern.
If just a few, just half a million or so,
Could see us they’d know.

So many people in the world,
Don’t know what they’ve missed.
They’d never believe such joy could exist.
And if they tell us it’s a thing we’ll outgrow,
They’re jealous as they can be,
That with so many people in the world,
You love me.

—"So Many People" from "Saturday Night" by Stephen Sondheim (via israfel)
[CONFIRMED] Chanyeol will be starring in the movie 록 (Rock). The film is based on a high school “Battle of the Bands” competition. It will feature some 19+ scenes.


source: 포르노뉴스

+19 scenes….. It includes not only sex, but violence, rape, torture, a gay kiss AND masturbation, so it doesn’t necessarily has to be sex… I desesperatly need to see Yeolie’s ass, though…

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